Monthly Logs

     Holiday Home Work 2017-18

     FEE Structure (CORE) : 2018-19

     Existing_Students_:_ Very Important Circular_New_Academic_Session_2018-19

     New_Students_:_ Very Important Circular_New_Academic_Session_2018-19

     Activity Display Circular Grade - I (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - II (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - III (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - IV (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - V (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - VI (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - VII (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - II & III (REG) (12-02-2018)

     Activity Display Circular Grade - IV & VII (REG) (12-02-2018)

     Grades - I & II Final Exams date sheet  (11-01-2018)

     PP-2 Final Exams date sheet  (11-01-2018)

     Life Circular Annual Day Celebrations (Grade III & IV)   (09-12-2017)

     Life Skills & Value Education Module-7 regarding " Let's Save Electricity  (21-10-2017)

     Eco-Friendly Diwali    (13-10-2017)

     New Admissions for 2018-18   (13-10-2017)

     Important Circular regarding Diwali Celebrations - 2017  (12-10-2017)

     Circular PTM    (11-10-2017)

     Life Skills & Value Education Module for Grades-III & IV   (07-10-2017)

     Latest Achievements by our student.  (13-09-2017)

     Latest Achievements by our students.  (06-09-2017)

     Important_ circular_rubella_vaccine slots.  (06-09-2017)

     Important_ circulars_rubella_vaccine.  (04-09-2017)

     Circular regarding Report Card access  (29-08-2017)

     Ganesh Chaturthi Flyer (22-08-2017)

     PP1 -  SA-1 Time Table and Portion - 2017 (21-08-2017)

     PP-2   SA-1 Time Table and Portion - 2017 (21-08-2017)

     Grade - I SA-1 Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - II SA-1 Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - III SA-1 Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - IV SA-1 Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - V Half Yearly Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - VI Half Yearly Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - VII Half Yearly Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - VIII Half Yearly Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Grade - IX & X Half Yearly Time Table and Portion - 2017 (18-08-2017)

     Life Skills Module-6  for Grades III to X  (18-08-2017)

     Important circular regarding Dental Checkup - PP-II to Grade-X (17-08-2017)

     Very Important circular Independence Day Celebrations & PTM PP-II to Grade-X (11-08-2017)

     Very Important circular for grades VIII to X (09-08-2017)

     Circular regarding Celebrating the Month of Indian Independence for Nursery to Grade X (01-08-2017)

     Life Skills Module-4 / 2017/18 for PP-II to Grade-II- Responsibility Song (27-07-2017)

     Pragathi School Students' achievements in Oakridge International School  (26-07-2017) 

     External Examinations Circular Grades I to X  (21-07-2017) 

      Life Skills Module-5 Grades - III to X  (15-07-2017)    

       Life Skills Module-3 PP 2 to Grades II  (14-07-2017)    

       Life Skills Module-3 Nursery & PP-I  (14-07-2017) 

        New Assessment System circular for VI to X  (14-07-2017)

        Circular regarding Smart Genius ABACUS Orientation Programme (10-07-2017)

        Life Skills Module-3 /2017-18  for III & IV (01-07-2017)

        Life Skills Module-3 /2017-18  for V & VI (01-07-2017)

        Life Skills Module-2 /2017-18  for Pre-Primary to Grade II (30-06-2017)

        Circular_Birthday Celebrations (29-06-2017)

        I_II_III_CORE_ACTIVITY SELECTION-2017 (22-06-2017) 

       IV_V_CORE_ACTIVITY SELECTION-2017 (22-06-2017)

       VI_VII_CORE_ACTIVITY SELECTION-2017 (22-06-2017)

       II_III_REG_ACTIVITY SELECTION-2017 (22-06-2017)

       IV_V_REG_ACTIVITY SELECTION-2017 (22-06-2017)

       VI_VII_REG_ACTIVITY SELECTION-2017 (22-06-2017)

       Very Important circular regarding Child Safety (21-06-2017)  

       Holidays List 2017-18 (20-06-2017)  

       Very Important circular PP to Grade- X      (19-06-2017)

         Circular PP-Grade-II                                          Life Skills-2 (19-06-2017) 

        Grade V to X Important circular                       Life Skills-2 (18-06-2017)         

        Grade III & IV Important circular                      Life Skills-2 (18-06-2017)    


                                                              Holiday Homework-2017-18  

          PP-1                  PP-2       

          Grade-1                      Grade-2                       Grade-3                     Grade-4                       Grade-5                     

                    Grade-6                  Grade-7                       Grade-8                     Grade-9                      Grade-10


                                                        Important Circular Summer Holidays                                                  

Dear Parent,                                                                                                                                                                                                          Date:12-04-2017.

      Due to steep rise in temperature the school declares Summer Holidays from 14-04-17 (Friday).  Parents are instructed to collect Holiday home work from class teacher on 15-4-2017 (Saturday) between 9am and 12.30pm without fail. Those who cannot come to collect their ward’s holiday homework, can download the same from the notice board of the school website.  (www.pragathicentralschool.comNotice Board). The projects aim at developing various skills and strengths in the students. Therefore, it is compulsory for all students to do the holiday homework and marks will be allotted for the same.    

Re-opening Schedule and Timings from June-2017

      à Summer vacation and re-opening schedule is as follows:


Summer Vacation


Re-opens on




Grade VI to X




8:25am to 4:00pm

Grade III to V




8:45am to 03:45pm

Grade I & II




8:45am to 03:45pm

PP1 & PP2




9:10am to 02:45pm

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}{C}School bus timing in the Morning will be 15 minutes before the present timing. Transport children of Grades -1 to 5 who come early will be facilitated with Reading Time till their regular school schedule begins.

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}{C}The transport kids of Grade I to V will leave 15 minutes before and Grade VI to X will leave 30 minutes before so as to prevent traffic congestion.

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Children who do not use School Transport will be facilitated with Reading Time News Paper (Grades V to X), Story Books etc., (Grades I to V) followed by Meditation. 


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 CLASS PARTY-2016-17

Dear Parent,   Class party for the students of Grade II will be organized on 04-01-2017 (Wednesday). Children may come in colour dress.    Team Pragathi 

It gives us immense pleasure to express our deep gratitude for your exemplary co-operation towards today’s  ‘Pot Luck. We sincerely thank you for your tremendous effort and support in making it a grand success.

Children also enjoyed planetarium experience in our school campus.

We also take this opportunity to wish you and your dear ones a very Happy New Year in advance.

Online fee payment option is now available

August 09 2016

Dear Parent,
Online fee payment option is now available. URL - pragathicentralschool.com --> Link: Online Payment

Please fill the mandatory fields and click on submit.

"Ctr No." is available in your fee receipt on the top right corner. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⇢

On confirmation from our Bank we will generate an SMS and Fee Receipt will be sent on through your ward.

Please send your request to ac.pragathi@gmail.com.


Independence Day (Holiday for students of Nursery to Std VII)

August 08 2016

Dear Parent,
15/08/16 - Independence Day (Holiday for students of Nursery to Std VII). However, those interested may come along with their parents to view the programme. Parents will have to take responsibility of their wards from start to finish of the programme.
The students of Std VIII to X will have to report in school by7:45 am on 15th August, 2016 for the Independence Day Celebrations. All students are instructed to report in Regular Uniform, Black shoes & socks. The programme will end by 9:30am. Kindly ensure that your wards have their breakfast before reporting at school. School Buses will pick and drop the school transport children.School Transport children will have to be ready at the bus pick-up point one hour earlier than the daily bus timing.You may confirm the same with your child’s school bus driver.

list of holidays for the academic session 2016-17

July 21 2016

LIFE SKILLS & VALUE EDUCATION : MODULE -1 (General Hygiene and Monsoon Precautions)

July 01 2016

Circular - BirthDay Celebration

June 29 2016

Circular - Life Skills Module

June 23 2016